The Cape Of Good Hope Official Hand Book – 1886

Cof GH Handbook Cover 1

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Originally published by Saul Solomon & Co.

This book gives a fascinating, in depth look at the social, historical and economic structures of the Cape of Good Hope in 1886. It is a contemporary account edited by John Noble. Areas and topics covered in this book are:

  • Discovery and early History of the Cape.
  • Temporary Occupation by the British.
  • The Cape under British Dominion
  • Physical aspects of the Colony
  • Cities and towns of the Colony
  • Political and Civil Institutions of the Colony
  • Roads, Telegraph, Railways, Harbours and Irrigation Works.
  • Cape Woods and Forests
  • The Cape as a Health Resort
  • Diamond Mining in the Cape
  • Land and Agricultural and Pastoral Occupations
  • Wool
  • Ostrich Farming
  • Viticulture
  • Manufactories, Mines and Minerals
  • Sketch of the Flora of South Africa
  • Statistics of Population, Revenue, Commerce and Customs Tariff
  • Advertisements
  • Sketches in colour and black and white included