Need Help?

South African Genealogy was established in 2004 with the aim of helping fellow researchers find their ancestors in South Africa. It seems to have worked very well as I receive hundreds of emails a week, some of which require multiple backwards and forwards emailing just to establish what kind of help is required.  So please read on to get an idea of how to formulate your query.

If you require help with Research, please provide at least some of the following in your first email:

  • The name of the person/people you want researched.
  • Any dates and places associated with them (birth, marriage, death or place of residence), where known.
  • Any siblings or other family members’ names, where known.
  • What you want to know about them e.g. I want to know where they were married, where they died, how they came to South Africa etc.
  • I need to know whether you have had previous research conducted and what documents/info you already have in your possession and to provide me with that info. You might already know some background on them and it helps to know where not to look too, to avoid duplication.

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If you would like to contribute information or data please email me.